sleep in my arms tonigth...

sleep in my arms tonigth
though this nigth is the last
form tomorrow you'll
increasingly be the past

Sleep tigth, close your eyes
your silent breath will tell no lies
the slumber will quench the promises
you never really kept.

Your touch still quiver on my skin
newly branded in a broken heart
the words they batter on my mind
though there's no sense to find

you've to brazen it out,
with your twofolded morality,
always turning towards grace
down with the latest craze

but when you stumble in the haze
and branches scare your face
Know you turnd your back on me,
long time ago!

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 1126 times
Written on 2006-11-05 at 00:46

Tags Love  Care  Anger 

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