Gangsta lovin'

in da club, dancin' like a hip-hop star,
and I've heard he've got his own car..
all this bitches surrounding him,
inviting me to his room, from the bar..

he got the flow,
got the style,
and a dimond ring,
take me up,
and let us do our thing

No problem, I'm his girl
lets go, and do, what we do
my man,
my charm,
waking up on his arm...

just a phonecall, and he's gone,
going out, fixing his shit,
allways with his crew,
down with the guys
protect your broo, he'll protect you too,
respect man!

Coming home at 4.30am,
with one black eye, and one blue,
wakes me up, to hear me say;
I love you!

Gangsta lovin'
never easy, never too hard,
let them take your enemys down
if you can't do it on your own...

guess they're gonna get me too
I'll soon be on my way,
The truth is...
I'm leavin' today...

I'm scared as hell,
fear caugth me in this mental cell..
got to go, gonna breake free,
You'll hear nomore from me.
I've got no choise,
though in my dreams I still hear you voice,

baby, I still feel you,

-and it's brakin' my heart

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 941 times
Written on 2006-10-08 at 00:26

Tags Gangsta  Love 

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Hey!! u've spelt things out sooo clearly dat i can almost see the pic. Real "new" topic to write, amazing!!

amazing scene you've spelled out here - well written and striking stuff!