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NOTE:  2021 10 17  08H22 EST  The Turning Point - ramblings...

The Turning Point


Sorry my silence made you lose it,

But if you took a moment to view

The situation from my perspective,

You'd get I really didn't know

What I could possibly respond.


Imagine my surprise to find out

After all of these years we've known

Each other, you have a mean streak.

Truly didn't see that one coming at all.

So, what did you expect I could ever say?


Your feeling aggrieved and insulted

Is completely incomprehensible for

The particular circumstances which

Have brought us to this unfortunate point.

You meddled; gossiped; then attacked me


For not replying when it all came to the light.

Uncalled for really doesn't describe it properly,

Mais voilà, here we are

You seek to destroy me

Because I didn't jump in.


Speaking of stability, ...

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Written on 2021-10-17 at 14:25

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