Person assumed,
Just because
We don't talk about them,
We never go on holiday.
Although a little dry,
This was my reply.


Someone once said to me.
"You never go on holiday,
If you do tell me more".
So I told him about,
The automatic floor.

Wife and me looked in wonderment,
As we went to the superstore.
You see we had never noticed,
As we walked in, An automatic floor.

You see if there wasn't one,
You couldn't go into any superstore.
Your shopping trip would be different,
If there was no automatic floor.

Now you know that you'd fall through,
The gap between the sliding glass,
And the superstore.
If there were no such thing,
As an automatic floor.

So last year wife and me decided,
To travel round the country,
Going from store to store.
Just to see if they all had one,
An automatic floor.

So this year we're traveling north,
We will try not to make a fuss.
If there isn't any, We are told,
Northerners don't earn as much as us.
So we won't quibble,
As we go from store to store.
If we look down if there isn't one,
An automatic floor.

So my friend hope that you can see,
That's the holiday for the wife and me.
Then he asked quizzically,
As he seems to want some more.
"Prey tell me friend,
What's an automatic floor".

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 21 times
Written on 2021-11-17 at 00:20

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