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NOTE:  2021 12 01  19H54 EST  Ramblings 577 - 

Ramblings 577


For a 'professional'

I'd say you're limited

In your views,

In your experience.


I say this 'cause I saw

Your notes of what you

Understood of what I shared

With you about my life.


My saying that I needed

To get away from what

I was doing for getting money

Isn't what you interpreted.


You jumped to the

Stereotypical conclusion

Even though I never said

Anything of the sort to you.


So now there are official

Notes in a file reporting

That I prostituted myself when

Never did that ever happen.


How do you suppose that

Makes me feel, you think?

It's a load of nonsense,

There's no way in reality.


So fed up of you 'professionals'

Creating a narrative that bears

No resemblance to my circumstances...

Get with it is all I feel like screaming.

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Written on 2021-12-02 at 01:57

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