My boo, yeah, my BOO and... you don't belive it, I won't..
Ma bestfriend...
long time ago, however the pain stays the same..

I don't hate you...

I don't hate you

and do you know why?
Cuz' I know you still remember me,
the memories has not gone by,

When you look at me, I can see it in your eyes,
you can try, but you cant hide the lies
you wanna say, I really dont know what I did it for .
I know you wish things were like it was before

when I walk past you, the sent reminds you
of how it felt to be near me.
When my hair blows in the wind, it remids you
of how soft and smooth it used to be.
When you where laying next to me.

When I smile and when I talk it reminds you
of times when we were one
When I brake down in laughter, it reminds you
of how these sweet tones are gone,
how easily it turned you on

When they play our song on the radio, it reminds you
of the good times, and love so wide
When you find some old photos of us, it reminds you
of all the memories you kept inside,
and cuz' of that, the tousend times you cried.

And in the dark, when im not with you,it reminds you
of how it all could turn out to be
And when you see him kiss me, it reminds you
that our love where ment to be
when the only love you had were me.

When you're all by yourself, it reminds you
that it is not only your sweetheart that you miss,
When the day has passed and noone called, it reminds you
that all you lost wasn't just a little bliss
but someone you could love, embrase and kiss

But, when you feel the pain, It reminds you
Me you cant call,
and when you're cold and drunk,it reminds you
That no more will I catch you when you fall
I'm not yours, after all

But, when She walk past you, what do you see?
I see the whore who made my boyfriend cheat on me
and I cant forget,and I cant pritend,
I lost my lover,
I lost my friend,

But, when I see you holding her hand, It reminds me
of how our love where torn apart
when she put on her face, and fake a smile, it reminds me
of how easily you broke my heart
thats why we cannot have a new start

And when I see your misery, I remind myself,
of how you let me down,
when you walk away from her, I remind my self,
I could never let my self love you again,
I've for ever lost my love for you, for that i'll stand

But when our eyes slipp, both do we know,
we'll secretly love each other to the end
and when we're far and when we're near, both do we know
We'll meet some where, with no pride or pritend
I miss you my lover, I miss you my friend

But only in my memory I'll be able to love you again

Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 1236 times
Written on 2006-06-19 at 21:46

Tags Love  Unfaithful 

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I think you mean scent*. Besides that it was a great poem darlin. I feel ya.

Amanda K
How strong !How Great!!! Every detail,every sense and every feeling of love is included here. Though it was long i didn feel bored and i wished it didn't end. I could relate to it ,too.

All the best dear,
I love u.

it was an awesum one........the pain can be felt on reading it only, n i wonder wat it wud hav bin like to u...............hugs

I loved it :D
Simply, just loved it! :)
**Hugs and kisses**

Girl, that piece could not have been put so well together like you did....still, I'm sorry that it had to happen......***hugs for all the pain****

WOW...that is anger. And love.

Love Knight
awww....i love this one