Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood part 16

They will stay for a few days to explore and have fun. When they woke up, it was past seven. They took a shower and prepared for breakfast. They made an omelet with bacon and sausage. They had breakfast and then cleaned the kitchen and the bathrooms. Cynthia changed the beds with clean sheets. About ten they went shopping and took a walk.
They bought everything they needed, filled up with water, bought two small wood stoves for the winter, a few blankets and duvets, pillows, bedding, kitchen towels, bath towels, top mattresses. They also bought a bathrobe, dressing gown, pajamas, slippers, tablecloths, and napkins. Then they went to get solar batteries and aggregate if the power went out. From there they went to a park where they walked and played badminton. At two, they went home and made pizza and salad for lunch. They unloaded the jeep and searched everything in the cupboards and the refrigeratorómeat and fish in the freezer and the garage generator.
They had lunch outside in front of the RV and listened to music on the radio. The weather was good, and they decided to have a barbecue for dinner. Paul cleaned the grill, Evelyn marinated the meat, Cynthia peeled the potatoes to fry later for dinner, Annabelle washed the salad products, and Michelle made the fruit salad and lemonade.
At five o'clock, they lit the barbecue and started cooking. Paul had gone to get beer and wine from a nearby store. He also took some watermelons and melons, fresh fruits and vegetables. When he got home, he helped the women with the barbecue, and they had dinner at eight. They ate outside and watched TV. They went inside, brought everything in at about eleven, and locked the jeep. They put the food in the fridge, washed the dishes, dried them, and put them in the cupboard. They went to bed at midnight when it started to rain outside.
It was still raining when they woke up the following day. They took a bath and went down for breakfast. They made hot toasted sandwiches and jasmine tea. Today they would stay inside and find some activities.
They played monopolies video games, watched movies, and made cookies and muffins. One had lunch from the barbecue and the salads leftover from the night before. At three o'clock, it stopped raining outside, and they went for a walk. They went to a nearby park, used sports equipment, and played tennis. Then they toured the park three times and went home and took a shower after training. They ate what was left of the barbecue and country salad at seven o'clock. After dinner, they washed the dishes and watched TV. Michelle called her family and several friends from school. At nine o'clock, Melanie called to hear them. Annabelle was working on her book. Cynthia, Paul, and Evelyn were watching a movie. They went to bed at midnight, and it was raining outside again.
In the morning, when they got up at seven, the rain had stopped, they had breakfast, and then at eight, they went out and went to see several museums and art galleries. At lunch, they had lunch in a small restaurant on the promenade. They ordered chicken soup for starters, for the main thing they requested was lamb with rice and mashed potatoes. For dessert, they ordered Napoleon cake and vanilla ice cream. When they had eaten, they paid the bill and left. They went home at three and made coffee, sat outside to drink it, watching some reality show on TV. They decided to go to dinner at a nearby beach restaurant where they offered pizza at six o'clock. They ordered a small pizza for each and garlic rolls with grilled yellow cheese on top. At eight, they went home and watched the evening news, and then a movie, and at eleven, they went to bed. Annabelle could not sleep late and be watching a movie on her laptop. Michelle also fidgeted in her bed for a long time because it was warm. The others had long since fallen asleep.
When they woke up at eight the following day, they had breakfast and got ready to go to the beach. They made sandwiches, took muffins and cookies, tea and coffee, water, and soft drinks. They had marked a lonely beach ten kilometers south of where they were at the moment, where they would park the RV and could stay for a few days. They packed up and, at ten, left for the beach. They got into traffic, but they were in no hurry. Arriving at the beach, they found a shady spot under a willow tree and parked there. They took out the tables and canteens, stretched out their umbrellas, opened the deckchairs, put the animals' water under the shade, and settled down.
Paul lit the barbecue, they had marinated the meat the day before, and they would roast it on the barbecue later. Cynthia let the colored clothes be washed, then the white and black laundry separately, and finally the bed linen. Evelyn kneaded bread while Annabelle made a cake for afternoon tea. Michelle was painting and enjoying the sun. At eleven o'clock they decided to go for a swim in the ocean. The water was warm and pleasant, and they swam freely. They came out of the water at noon, and Paul set the meat to roast until the barbecue was over, so they decided to bask in the sun. They drank iced tea and enjoyed the excellent weather. They had lunch at two and then walked on the beach. They played beach volleyball and tennis. Then they went home and took a shower, and changed. They decided to rest and watch TV before dinner. They watched America have talents and drank cocktails. Michelle decided to make iced tea from lemon and mint. At seven o'clock, they sat down to dinner. Evelyn had fried fish and potatoes for dinner, and Cynthia made roasted peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes salad. They drank white wine and then cut watermelon and melon. After dinner, they walked along the beach. They went to bed at eleven and sounded the alarm. It rained during the night, and a storm came out of the ocean.
When they woke up outside in the morning, it was still raining, and the storm intensified, and they stayed home. They made pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast, they cleaned the windows and the floor. Then they put away the things that are not used every day. Then they decided to watch a movie made popcorn and lemonade. They watched the stepmother with Julia Roberts and the Dog Hotel afterward. For lunch, they made sandwiches and tea. It was still raining outside, but the storm had subsided. They decided to lie down and sleep for two hours when they had lunch. When they got out, the rain had subsided. They decided to take a jeep ride to the city. They drove along the coast and enjoyed the view. Then they went to buy provisions for their trip to Montana and refuel. They believed what they needed and went home; Paul refueled the PB and returned to the beach with the others. They unloaded the jeep and put everything in the cupboards and refrigerators. Annabelle cooked lasagna and stuffed peppers to have for the trip, Evelyn made pork with rice in the oven, and fried chicken with mashed potatoes for dinner. Cynthia made sandwiches for the morning. Paul roasted ribs and grilled fish. Michelle was painting the sunset, and the dogs were lying at her feet. The stove huddled the two cats. They had dinner at seven and went to bed early to leave for Montana early in the morning.

They got up at four in the morning, took a shower, drank a cup of tea, and set off. Paul was driving Miami Beach.
Florida, United States. They set off on Pine Tree Dr and W 41st St / Arthur Godfrey Rd to I-195 W 9 min (2.3 miles). Head north on Collins Ave to Lincoln Rd 0.5 miles. Turn left onto 23rd St 0.2 miles, then turn right onto Pine Tree Dr.
1.0 miles. Turn left onto W 41st St / Arthur Godfrey Rd 0.6 miles.
They went on Florida's Turnpike, I-75 N, I-24 W, I-64 W, ... and I-90 W to SD-34 W in North Lawrence. They took output 23 of I-90 W.
31 h (2199 miles). Continue on I-195 W (signs for Downtown Miami / Airport) 4.1 miles. She used the three right lanes to take exit 1 to flow into I-95 N 7.6 miles. They took leave 12 A on the left to enter Florida's Turnpike to Turnpike paid toll for a toll road 266 miles. They stopped to rest and have breakfast, ate a sandwich, and drank coffee. They used the toilet and died for a while and then set off again, Cynthia driving. At the roundabout, they entered I-75 N and entered Georgia 300 miles. They listened to music and enjoyed the view that passed by them. They stopped at the detours and took pictures. The weather was gloomy but not very cold. Michelle was sketching new paintings, and Annabelle was writing an article on her laptop for the evening issue of the Life on Wheels newspaper. Evelyn was talking on the phone with a colleague, and Paul was reading the morning issue of his laptop newspaper. They stopped at a roadside diner at one o'clock in the afternoon and had burgers and fries for lunch. They had lunch and rested, by the way, drinking tea with Victorian cake. At three, they set off again on the road.
Evelyn sat behind the wheel, taking exit 156 to the left to I-475 N 0.8 miles. They continued on I-475 N 15.3 miles and then entered I-75 N 49.4 miles. Keep left at the fork to stay on I-75 N 24.1 miles. They kept to the left to stay on I-75 N and entered Tennessee 104 miles away. It took Exit 2 to enter the I-24 W 6.6 miles. They stopped at a turnoff to have dinner and rest. They had stuffed peppers and tomato salad for dinner. Then they rested for a while and then set off again. Annabelle got behind the wheel, keeping to the left to stay on the I-24 W and passing through Georgia, then they entered Tennessee 131 miles away. They kept right at the fork to stay on I-24 W, following signs for Clarksville / Louisville / Interstate 65 N 4.9 miles away. They used the two left lanes to take exit 88 for Interstate 24 W to Clarksville 0.8 miles. They continued on I-24 W, passed through Kentucky, and entered Illinois 175 miles. At a gas station, they stopped refueling and slept through the night. It was midnight when they went to bed.
They got up at nine the next morning, had breakfast and a bath, and then set off. Paul's drivers took exit 44B on the left to enter I-57 N toward Chicago 52.1 miles. They kept to the left at the fork to continue on I-64 W, following signs for St Louis 72.3 miles. They continued straight to stay on I-64 W and entered Missouri 42.1 miles. They took exit 1A on the left to enter I-70 W / US-40 W to Kansas City. They continued on I-70 W for 207 miles. They kept to the right at the fork to stay on I-70 W, following the signs for Interstate 70 W / Interstate 29 N / Interstate 35 N / US 71 N / St Joseph / Des Moines 0.2 miles. Keep left to stay on I-70 W 0.6 miles. Michelle made sketches for her new paintings. Cynthia was talking to her sons on the phone. Evelyn watched the news on her tablet. Annabelle was listening to music on her phone. Paul concentrated on the road because it was raining and foggy, and he couldn't see well. He turned onto a turnoff and turned on the emergency lights on both the SUV and the PB. They waited for the fog to clear to drive usually and not wander. They drank coffee and ate bacon and sausage sandwiches. The fog lifted at one in the afternoon, and they set off again, and Paul sat down to drive again.
Continue on US-71 N (signs for I-29 N / I-35 N / Saint Joseph / Des Moines) 0.2 miles. Continue on I-29 N / I-35 N / US-71 N
4.5 miles. They kept to the left at the fork to continue on I-29 N / US-71 N, following signs for Interstate 29 N / St Joseph 16.8 miles. They kept to the left to continue on I-29 N 29.4 miles. Hold on to the left to stay on I-29 N, and entered Iowa 127 miles away. It took Exit 49 to South Expy / Downtown 0.4 miles. Turn left onto the S Expressway St.
1.5 miles. They continued on S 6th St 0.9 miles, then continued on Ave G 0.7 miles. Turn right onto N 16th St 1.0 miles. They used the two right lanes at the roundabout to take the I-29 N junction and entered South Dakota 179 miles. They stopped refueling and drinking coffee at the gas station. They used the toilet, and the drivers changed; Annabelle got behind the wheel. They took exit 84B to enter I-90 W at Rapid City 372 miles. They found a turnoff where they stopped for the night, so it was eight o'clock in the evening, and it was raining again. They ate lasagna and lettuce, drank Merlot, and whispered. They lay down on the sofas and watched the telly after dinner. Around one in the morning, they go to bed to have some sleep.

They slept until about nine, took a bath, and had oatmeal and scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast. They prepared drinks and food for the trip and set off on their route. Paul was driving, and the others talked about making plans for their next destination. They took exit 23 for SD-34 W to Whitewood 0.3 miles. From there, they joined I-90 W / US-212 W / US-87 N at Crow Agency for 3 hours 35 minutes (220 miles). Turn right on the SD-34 W 17.3 miles. They turned right onto US-85 N / 5th Ave and continued on US-85 N, passing Pizza Hut (0.6 miles left) 2.3 miles. Turn left onto US-212 W / N Alzada Rd, continue on US-212 W, and pass through Wyoming. They entered Montana 94.2 miles away. Turn left onto US-212 W / Holt St, and continue on US-212 W for 64.3 miles. The roundabout continued straight to stay on the US-212 W 41.7 miles. They kept to the right at the fork, following the signs for I-90 W / US-87 N / US-212 W / Billings, and drove I-90 W / US-212 W / US-87 N 0.4 miles. I-90 W / US-212 W followed to I-90BL W / US-87 N in Lockwood. They took exit 452 of I-90 W 49 min (57.7 miles). Entered I-90 W / US-212 W / US-87 N
53.7 miles. They stopped to rest and drink tea at the turnoff and ate sandwiches and fruit for lunch. After eating and resting for an hour, they set off again, and Paul continued to drive.
They took the exit to the left to I-90 W for Billings 3.8 miles. Take exit 452 for US-87 N / Interstate 90 Business N to Lockwood / Roundup 0.2 miles. I went on MT-3 N, US-191 N, and MT-239 to Rickard Coulee in Judith Basin County 3 h 2 min (166 miles). Turn right onto I-90BL W / US-87 N 1.2 miles. Turn right onto US-87 N / Hwy 312 / Main St 0.8 miles. Turn left onto E Airport Rd 2.8 miles. They took the second exit to MT-3 N 3.1 miles from the roundabout. At the roundabout, they took the first exit 312 feet. They turned off the road to change. Evelyn sat down to drive and continued on MT-3 N 40.3 miles. Turn left onto the MT-3 N / US-12 W (signs for Harlonton) 44.9 miles. Turn right on US-191 N 39.3 miles. From there, they turned left on US-87 N 6.1 miles. Michelle was talking to a friend on the phone, and the others were talking and listening to the news on the radio.
We turned left on the MT-239 0.3 miles and continued along Central Ave.
0.4 miles. Turn right on the MT-239 10.7 miles, turn left again on the MT-541 0.2 miles. Turn right on the S Fork Rd 479 feet. They continued on Pigeye Rd 4.9 miles. They continued on S Fork Rd 4.9 miles and turned right on Yogo Creek Rd 4.8 miles. Turn right to stay on Yogo Creek Rd 0.9 miles. They turned right on Mine Rd 0.3 miles; from there, they turned left onto Rickard Coulee 0.1 miles. They continued on Rickard Coulee.
0.1 miles and they reached their final destination, Montana
The United States, where they would stay for a few days. They parked in a parking lot for mobile homes and unloaded the jeep. Michelle walked the dogs through the parking lot and met the twins, Mark and Mary, who were traveling with their parents to Vancouver, Canada. But they would stay in Montana for a few days to see the United States and die from Alaska. Their mobile home was stopped next to Michelle's, and the two families met and liked each other. They decided to travel together to Canada. The men went shopping with Annabelle's jeep while the women prepared dinner and the children played outside. The twins were Michelle's age and had the same interests; they also painted and played the piano, they liked the same music as her. They liked each other when they met and decided to stay friends and keep in touch. The men returned from the market and unloaded their jeep purchases. They set the tables outside and served dinner outside. There were fried chicken and fries, salads, and baked ribs. For dessert, there was a plum pie with vanilla cream. They stayed up late, and the men played guitars and sang old country songs. At midnight they returned after bringing everything inside. Paul locked it and set off the alarm and cameras for the night.
When they got up the next day at ten in the morning, they got ready for breakfast and went downstairs. There was a knock on the door, and Paul opened it; Mark and Mary said they were waiting for breakfast. The mother of the twins, Marie Antoinette, had prepared bacon, sausages, four kinds of eggs; boiled, fried, stirred, and poached, mushrooms, beans, potato meatballs and bahur, toast, and freshly baked rolls. There was herbal tea, coffee, several juices, fresh fruit, and yogurt. They ate outside and talked. They decided to go to Hellgate River, Montana, USA, where they could stay camping. They hurriedly packed up and set off at twelve. Paul was driving the SUV, and the twins' father, Martin, was driving their mobile home. Montana
The United States took Yogo Creek Rd, S Fork Rd, and MT-541 to US-87 N in 46 minutes (27.0 miles). Head east on Rickard Coulee to Mine Rd 0.2 miles. They stopped refueling, bought water, and continued on their route.
Turn right on Mine Rd 0.3 miles. Mine Rd turns left and merges into Yogo Creek Rd 0.8 miles. Turn left to stay on Yogo Creek Rd 4.8 miles. Turn left on the S Fork Rd 7.5 miles. Continue on Pigeye Rd 2.3 miles.

They continued on S Fork Rd 479 feet. Michelle was talking on the phone with the twins. They continued on the MT-541 0.2 miles. They turned left to stay on the MT-541 for 10.7 miles.
Following US-87 N and MT-200 W to S 6th St E in Missoula 3 h 48 min (233 miles). They turned left onto the US-87 N and passed the Burger King (65.1 miles on the right) for 65.2 miles. They continued on 10th Ave S and passed Firestone Complete Auto Care (right) 1.6 miles. Continue on I-15BL / Country Club Blvd.
1.3 miles.
They kept to the right at the fork, following signs for I-15 N / US-89 N / State Route 200 / Shelby, and merged onto I-15 N / US-89 N.
11.2 miles. They took exit 290 for US-89 N / MT-200 W to Choteau / Missoula 0.3 miles. They continued on MT-200 W / US-89 N.
7.9 miles. They continued straight on the MT-200 W for 140 miles.
They entered the I-90 W / US-12 W on the road link to the MT-200 W / Missoula 4.5 miles. They took exit 105 to I-90 BUS W / US-12 W / Van Buren St 0.2 miles.
They took the third exit to US-12 W / N Van Buren St 0.2 miles from the roundabout. Turn right onto E Broadway St, and pass Burger King (left) 0.2 miles. Turn left onto US-12 W / Madison St (University signs). Continue on US-12 W 0.4 miles. They turned slightly left onto Arthur Ave 364 feet. Continue on S 6th St E. Driving to Old Van Buren St / Pedestrian Walkway 2 min (0.4 miles). Turn left at the 2nd intersection of S 6th St E 0.2 miles. S 6th St E turns left and merges into S Van Buren Ave 361 feet. They continued straight on the Old Van Buren St / Pedestrian Walkway 374 feet, and they reached their final destination, Hellgate Canyon Missoula, Montana 59802, United States. They found a nice place by the river where they parked. They set up camp and set up tables and chairs outside under the canopy of the mobile home. They took out the barbecues, lit a fire, put the deckchairs around the fire. The women made sandwiches for lunch and homemade lemonade. The men went fishing for dinner and the children played by the river. The weather was good, and they enjoyed the fresh air and the beautiful nature around them. The water was crystal clear and warm, and they decided to swim. The men returned with a good catch. They cleaned the fish and marinated it to make it ready for the barbecue later. The children played in front of the caravans, the women drank coffee and talked. At five o'clock, they lit the barbecues and started cooking. Michelle took out her guitar and started playing an old Australian song, and she had a great voice when she sang. Everyone was delighted with her performance. They had dinner at eight o'clock, stood in front of the fire until late, and sang songs. They went to bed at midnight after putting everything inside. Paul checked all the doors and windows locked and set off the alarm and cameras for the night.
It was past seven in the morning when they woke up, and they were ready for breakfast. Paul had lit the fire and the grill and was cooking breakfast. Martin came out to help him, and Mark, Mary, and Michelle went to gather firewood. The women turned on the washing machine to wash the dirty laundry that had gathered. Cynthia changed the bed linen, Evelyn gathered the dirty towels, Annabelle washed the dishes from the night before. Marie-Antoinette also let it wash today, the weather would be quite hot, and the laundry would dry quickly. They took out the dryers and set them up outside on the lawn. The children brought the wood, and all sat down to breakfast. After breakfast, Paul and Martin decided to clean the solar panels. The women decided to bake cookies and muffins. The twins and Michelle went to pick berries for the pie they wanted to make. For lunch, Maria-Antoinette made shepherd's pie and homemade chicken soup. Evelyn made meatballs with bolognese sauce and cooked spaghetti. They had lunch at one, and they were all sitting outside at a table and eating.
Annabelle asked Martin and his wife what their plans were after they returned from Canada. Mark and Mary are home students, and we work from home. We are interior design designers. We also have internet technicians and make websites for different companies. I see that Mark and Mary like Michelle if you want them to come and stay at our mansion and live with us in the guest house. We need computer science teachers, and the twins can study at Evelyn's school. Oh, that's a very good idea, and we'll be happy to stay in California. The children were very happy to live in the big city. In the afternoon they played tennis and badminton. They basked in the sun and rested, listening to music. They watched movies and had fun, at eight they had dinner and then they played monopolies and dominoes. It was midnight when they went to bed. They would stay another day before leaving for Canada. During the night, it rained, and a storm came out. It rained all night, and the rain and storm had subsided by dawn.
It was seven o'clock when they awoke, and the rain and storm had stopped. They prepared for breakfast and then checked their provisions and made a list. They packed their bags and prepared everything for the trip. The women cooked for a few days, and the men went fishing to load the freezers.

At noon they sat down to lunch and then went for a walk by the river. They went home for five dinners and then watched a movie. At about ten, they went to bed so they could leave before dawn.
They got up at three in the morning, took a shower, and prepared for the journey. They drank coffee and ate fresh fruit for breakfast. They left at four in the morning. Paul was driving, and they left Hellgate Canyon
Missoula, Montana 59802, the United States to Vancouver Canada.
I joined the I-90 W from Madison St and E Broadway St.
4 min (1.2 miles). They headed south to S 5th St E
374 feet. They turned right on the S 5th St E 0.1 miles, and then they turned slightly right on Maurice Ave 486 feet. Continue on Madison St / Madison St Bridge. Continue on Madison St 0.3 miles, turn right onto E Broadway St and pass Taco Bell (right) 0.2 miles. Turn left onto Old Van Buren St / Pedestrian Walkway / Van Buren St and continue on Van Buren St for 0.1 miles.
They took the third exit to the I-90 W road to the Coeur d'Alene at the roundabout 0.3 miles. Following I-90 W and I-5 N to Oak St in Vancouver, Canada 9 h 15 min (605 miles).
They entered the I-90 W 104 miles and took the exit to the left to the I-90 W.
384 feet. They continued on I-90 W, passed through Idaho, and entered Washington 152 miles. They stopped refueling at the gas station they passed, drank coffee and had croissants for breakfast. They used the toilet, and then again, Cynthia sat down to drive.
Keeping to the left to stay on the I-90 W, they were reassured that parts of this road might be closed for 210 hours at certain hours or days. Use the right lane to take exit 10 for I-405 S / I-405 N to Renton / Everett 0.2 miles. Keeping to the right, following the signs for I-405 N / Bellevue, I headed for I-405 N for 18.9 miles. They took the Interstate 5 N exit to Vancouver, BC, 0.5 miles. They entered I-5 N and entered Canada (British Columbia) 93.7 miles. They continued on BC-99 N for 25.5 miles. Take BC-99 N toward Hornby St.
20 min (5.9 miles). Continue along Oak St 0.4 miles, and turn left onto Park Dr 0.5 miles. Turn right onto Granville St / BC-99 N, and continue on BC-99 N for 4.7 miles. Turn left onto Smithe St 0.2 miles, and turn right onto Hornby St 0.1 miles; they reached Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, their final destination. They went to Cynthia's mother's house, where they would park while they were here. She lived on the edge of town next to a meadow where they had parked. They had spaghetti bolognese for lunch. After eating, they unloaded the jeep and visited Cynthia's mother.
She had made tea and cake for the afternoon tea party. Susan was Cynthia's mother's name, and there was a large garden with two tables and chairs. Cynthia's sons, Ricky and Geffrey, were coming for dinner. Mark and Paul decided to have a barbecue on the occasion of the family reunion. They went in a jeep to buy fresh meat and vegetables for dinner. Cynthia went to the market with the men, and the other three women and children stayed with her mother. They stood in the fresh air outside the garden, playing monopolies and talking. An hour or so later, Cynthia and the two men returned and unloaded the jeep from the market. They had bought minced meat to make homemade burgers, hot dog sausages, sausages, chicken legs and wings, steaks, ribs. Cynthia tastes the minced meat and the meat cooked on the barbecue. Annabelle boiled potatoes for the salad, washed the products for the other salads and the vegetables for the barbecue, and seasoned them with spices. At six o'clock, they lit the barbecue, and the grills and the men started roasting the meat and the burgers. Ricky and Geffrey came in at seven and went to help with the barbecue. The women had made salads and set the tables for dinner, fried potatoes and mashed potatoes. They had dinner at eight-thirty and stayed up late. They played various party games told jokes and stories from their past. After midnight, Cynthia's boys went to bed and slept with their grandmother and their loved ones. The night was quiet and warm; only the song of birds could be heard in the distance. In Canada, the evenings are cooler, and they let their stove break the air in the caravan.
The following day they got up at nine and had breakfast. After breakfast, they decided to go for a walk around Vancouver. Today the weather was cooler than yesterday, and they had put on a summer cardigan. They went to the mall to see it, from there to the cinema and lunch at the mall after the cinema. They returned at three and drank tea in the garden. In the evening, Cynthia's sisters would come to see each other and stay for dinner. They decided to have a barbecue again because the weather was good and it was not raining. Cynthia, Annabelle, and Evelyn went to the market to get more fresh meat and vegetables and a few bottles of wine and soft drinks for the children. The men lit the barbecues and began roasting the meat leftover from the night before. Marie-Antoinette helped Susan pick fresh spices and onions from the garden. The women returned from the market and unloaded the jeep. Cynthia marinated the meat and kneaded the minced meat for the burgers while the other women made the salads. Evelyn made a blueberry pie and had bought vanilla, toffee, chocolate, mint, strawberry, and caramel ice cream.

The guests came at seven, and they all sat in the garden for dinner. They had brought out a few tables and rations so that everyone could get together. Michelle played her guitar, and the twins played electronic piano and bass guitar. They stayed up late, had fun, played various party games, and sang country songs. They had lit a campfire and danced all night. They went to bed at five in the morning and slept until about ten.
When they got up, they had breakfast and cleaned the party's garden. They had put the dishes in the kitchen before going to bed, but they hadn't washed them. Evelyn and Cynthia washed the dishes, and Annabelle and Marie-Antoinette dried them and put them in the cupboards. After cleaning and tidying up, they went for a walk. The weather was fine, and they were walking in the park near Susan's house. They ordered pizzas from a nearby pizzeria and had lunch in the yard for lunch. In the afternoon they went to the city to see the museums and an art gallery. At eight o'clock, they went home and dined on what was left of the night before. After dinner, they watched TV and went to bed at eleven. There was a storm and a storm during the night, and Martin and Paul got up to sort out the tables and dining rooms inside. The next day they would prepare for the trip again.
When they got up at eight, it was still raining, but the storm had stopped. After breakfast, the men went shopping and refueled. The women and children stayed at home and made cookies, muffins, and muffins for the trip. Susan made a pie from berries, cherries, apples, and pears. She gave them several jars of various jams and marmalades, lutenitsa, canned duck, turkey, and pork, as well as several jars of casserole, competes, and canned tomatoes. There are several bottles of blackcurrant and blueberry syrup, honey, and maple syrup for pancakes. He gathered fresh spices, green onions, garlic, lettuce, and radishes from the garden. Put them in a box of homemade eggs and lard for cooking. The men came to lunch, bought everything they needed for the trip, and refueled. They ate omelets with salad and cut watermelon and melon after that. They loaded the luggage in the mobile homes washed the clothes they had gathered for washing. At six o'clock they ate spaghetti and then watched TV until about ten and went to bed. They decided to go to Alaska.

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