Written for people that realise,
This is just for fun.
A Merry Christmas to everyone.
For all new babies, I raise a glass to cheer.
To the mother's, May you have.
A nappy good year.


There was this giant of a girl,
With an iron grip.
When she snarled,
She wouldn't take no lip.
That's Bertha, Big bad Bertha.

There's this rumour going around,
The local flashers gone to ground.
Ever since Bertha hit our town,
That's Bertha,big bad Bertha.

She left her curtains open one night,
Peeping Tom looked in his hair turned white,
I also heard them say.
He hanged himself the very same day.
That's Bertha, Big bad Bertha.

She'd go out swigging curry and beer,
The way she looked, Made straight men queer.
Bertha was a very big lass,
All that bake bean curry just gave her gas.
That's Bertha, Big bad Bertha.

Her stomach started to rumble,
There was this terrible sound.
That was the day They lost,
Part of the town.
Everyone that heard it,
Just hit the ground.
That's Bertha,Big bad Bertha.

They say the blast sent many townfolk,
To an early grave.
Now there's only one person.
Left alive to safe,
That's Bertha, Big bad Bertha.

They never made it to her,
There was a mighty blast.
That shook the earth,
The look on there face's,
As Bertha shot past.
That's Bertha, Big bad Bertha.

It must have been a very strange sight,
When the gases from Bertha,
Started to ignite.
The look of suprise on her face,
All that hot air shot Bertha into space.
That's Bertha, Big bad Bertha.

The town folk left started to gasp,
But everyone new.
They had breathed there last,
Because of Bertha.
That's Bertha, Big bad Bertha.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 27 times
Written on 2021-12-23 at 10:09

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