Years go by quickly,

There was a horrid war.
I joined the the royal air force,
To keep the enemy from the door.


While flying back from a mission,
Had to ditch my plane into the open sea.
I thought of Mr Perry Winkle then knew,
The monster would come for me.


A strange thing started to happen,
As I sunk down into that murky sea.
Two arms came around my body,
Then started to carry me.


No longer was I frightened,
The joy I felt inside.
For I knew that Mr Perry Winkle,
Was swimming by my side.


I don't remember how long it took us,
To reach that golden shore.
I woke up where he left me,
Mr Perry Winkle was no more.


So if you squint your eyes,
Then listen just like me.
You might see Mr Perry Winkle,
Tap dancing on the sea.


As I glanced towards.
That mornings tide.
I thought I saw a girl,
Dancing by his side.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 52 times
Written on 2022-02-23 at 00:33

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LacyxDevine The PoetBay support member heart!
I need to get me a Mr. Perry Winkle! (I'm guessing he's the imaginary rabbit type?) I like how you first had him save you, then goes away to dance with a girl, loved that visual.