At 11 oclock on 11th day of November 1918 the First world war ended in an armistice neither of the opposing armies had been completely defeated in the field. The last signal sent by German high command was 'All Quiet on the Western front' a repost.

Just Five Minutes to Go by M.A.Meddings

The buggers asking for it
Quick another up the spout
Just look at 'im Joe
Doesn't he know
It'll all be over soon
An hour before noon they say
And this is the eleventh day
Of November

Keep your bleeding head down Fritz
If I wanted
I couldn't miss,
But there's only ten minutes to go
But some so and so is going shoot you
Just do as I do
Keep your bloody head down
Don't go playing the clown
Or the sniper will shoot you

He shouldn't do
But just for the hell of it
He might be ordered to
Even though there's only
Ten to go Before it's all over
Keep your head down
For gods sake

Too bloody late
but I did warn you
Sorry mate!
Sorry to kill you
With five minutes to go

Morse coded Message

Dot dash,Dot dash dot dot,Dot dash dot dot
Dash dash dot dash,Dot dot dash,Dot dot,Dot,Dash
Dash dash dash,Dash dot
Dash,dot dot dot dot,dot
Dot dash dash,dot,dot dot dot,dash,dot,dot dash dot,dash dot
Dot dot dash dot,dot dash dot,dash dash dash,dash dot,dash

All quiet on the Western front

Poetry by lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-06-20 at 07:30

Tags War 

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
I know I commented on this poem earlier, but now it is missing????? Strange things going on here! Well I loved it and you are one talented man. So, I am telling you again! :)) kathy

After "Gallipoli", here comes another strong text from a trench-mud perspective, written with warmth and empathy for all those poor boys long ago. Definitely a good text!

This is truly sensational!How do you do it????Be a hopeless Casablanca romantic one minute and an indifferent soildier at the next???? I really like this one.....the fact that 5 minutes did make a LOT of difference!