Feelings into words


You now my family have been staunch labour,
Since time immemorial,
Couldn't vote for Corbin no matter what he said.
So conservative whoever incharge would always
Come out ahead.
Boris took charge where even his predecessors
Couldn't, Even if they could they wouldn't.
That was Brexit caused such a mess,
Then Covid struck Bet Boris liked his job even less.
Still didn't liked his chances of coming out unscathed.
As a United country United we stand, Someone's
To blame. Not the Chinese for releasing Covid
On a unsuspecting world, We can blame that on
A bat. No let's blame all our troubles on Boris,
For having a party when he should have known
Better. Wait I've heard he had a lack in judgement,
Where was his adviser's. Everyone at the party
Was accountable, As were any that laid it on.
Let us all remember the first three letters
Of conservative is con. Still wouldn't vote
Labour, Couldn't vote for anyone who seems
More intent on destroying reputations. Than
Trying to sort the day to day problems.
My brother has the same mentality, Apparently
It's my fault conservatives got in. All because
I voted for them. When I pointed out I wasn't the
Only one who voted, He said most emphatically
"Yes you are". Then stormed out, So now you
Know the fault is owned by Boris and myself.
Still if Boris was the answer what was the question?

Short story by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 60 times
Written on 2022-01-26 at 14:12

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