Critical Role

Tinder, loosely speaking,
is a pile of kindling just waiting to be set on fire.
I never thought anything would catch light,
at least nothing that wouldn't burn me.

I am having the same realization Lava Girl did in Shark Boy and Lava Girl
- fire isn't just destruction, it is light and warmth.

I want to be with you and around you, always.
I can't touch your face enough or be held by you enough.
I can't look into your eyes enough.
I can't see your smile enough or hold your hand enough.

I want to hear all the things you have to say or that you have ever thought of -
I want to laugh with you. A lot and often.
I want to do other things with you... a lot. And often.
I can't ever see me not wanting to be with you or around you.

You carry a fire.
When you touch me,
you light me up inside
and my face burns brightly.

You say it was one lucky role of the dice to get here,
allow me to say that it was the most critical of roles.
I am the lucky one here.

You get me.
You're warm.
My unending torture of probes and puns doesn't even begin to phase you.
And you look at me and I feel that you see me.

Your character is remarkable.
You are considerate, kind, intelligent, comical.
You have a big heart and strong values.
When you hold me, I never want you to let go.

Other times, you touch me and I feel like I was struck by lightning.
Like the gears in a much larger machine were set in motion and cannot be stopped.
Like the air tastes better when you breathe it with me.
Like the speed at which my particles move is the same as yours and we phase in and out and meld together briefly and then let go.
Like I want us to stay that way forever,
like phasing back out feels of whiplash.
And the distance between is like vague self-dissociation.

Being with you is like being home.
Home is safe.
Home is warm.
Home is where I can take my pants off at the end of a long day.
Home is where I laugh.
Home is where I go when everything else is heavy.
Home is where I can go to be alone with someone.
Home is where I am comfortable and welcome.
Home is where I always want to be.

Poetry by Sarah Parnes
Read 268 times
Written on 2022-02-14 at 05:20

Tags Love  Home  Critical 

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D G Moody The PoetBay support member heart!
What an evocation of the one who is loved! What person would not want to be thought of in this way? I very much enjoyed reading it - thanks Sarah.