My Heart

My beloved,
My heart.
My sun that does not burn me...
The love of my life.

I both do and do not understand.
I'm confused because I was blindsided.
I thought we were happy.
I know that you love me

... And I, you.

I curse my hands that are cold, but I do not curse you because you cannot warm them.
Everywhere I see something that would make you smile - and I go to reach out for it, to bring back to you...
... And then I remember.

Hot tears fall from my eyes.
Like gas into a flame - the grief burns brighter.
I feel everything and nothing at all - all at once.

The only thing I know is that I miss you.

A query that both relieves and plagues me is that my heart remains unbroken.
You were so gentle and warm... You just gave it back to me.
And it beats still, here in my chest, but she misses being in your arms.
... Just like I do.

This "goodbye" felt a bit like a "goodbye" and more like "we'll meet again" or "I'll see you later".

Perhaps I am in denial.
But I am not angry.
All that I am misses you, but more than that
All that I am wants whatever is best for you.

Getting your needs met is not selfish, my love.
Getting your needs met is taking care of yourself.
Know that I am not angry.
Know that while I miss you more than words could ever capture, mean, or say ...
You deserve the best and to feel better.

Your wellbeing is my top concern.

My love, I will miss you so.
Maybe one day, our love with bloom again.
I do miss you so.
May we both get what we need.

Until I see you again, my heart...

Forever yours,

Your Sunflower

Poetry by Sarah Parnes
Read 103 times
Written on 2024-05-11 at 03:18

Tags Breakups  Heart  Sunflower 

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Griffonner The PoetBay support member heart!
What a brilliantly worded expression of that awful kind of loss. And too, how you have shown that your love is unconditional: It remains; it survives this parting; it is for ever more; it accepts. I feel that readers will be nourished by your words, and filled with admiration. Blessings, Allen