Forgot to finish my outworld series.
Hope this makes up for it.
Is this truly the end?

COMING HOME (outworld part 11)

Walking alone at night,
Hearing footsteps behind.
Looking round seeing shadows,
Nothing there out of sight
Sharp intake of breath,
As I rotate my ears.

Forty five degrees,
It's a tarken stalking me.
Ground dwelling creatures, 
I take to the idle flower tree's.
Gliding through the canopy,
As my stalker follows me.

Trying to get the upper hand,
Hoping on terra ferma,
I will be forced to land.
Suddenly a sentient thought,
Traverses tarkens empty mind.

The tarken stands up straight,
For the first time.
New beginnings:
Looking at his surroundings, 
Beautiful and new.

Offering a strangers hand,
no my hands washing in.
An iridescent pool of light,
With a shimmering coloured

Welcoming me home.
To an unsuspecting land, 
With two moons that
shone ever so bright.

Many centuries had passed,
Since I stepped out well prepared.
Onto the world I was born in,
I took my first breath of air.

This body was well equipped,
To have a symbiotic rejuvenation.
At least with another life form,
Achieving the correct coordination

Homeoid rudimentary mind,
Yes this body will serve us well.
Life has been good over time,
Over distanced galaxy's we've roamed.
Time at last, For my kind to come home.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 25 times
Written on 2023-11-14 at 00:09

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You're making a whole world with your words Alan and I am glad to read it