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NOTE:  2022 03 31  11H43 EST  Mais voyons don' - 

Mais voyons don'


-  only know about it 'cause apparently this is newsworthy and everyone's talking about it on the Internet... what's being discussed about it is, oh I don't know, a lot of unrelated discussion points that make me go hm'kay...


Hm, yeah, he defended

His wife.  I suppose

That's something... hm.

But hold up a minute,

A knock in the face, on

A public stage, no less,

Hardly constitutes

An act of defense, no?


If he'd been my husband

Acting like a cromagnon

Like that, I wouldn't be

Flattered or honored, I'd

Be seriously embarrassed!

And then simply disgusted!

There's no part of me that

Would admire it in the least.


The discourse this moment

Has been generating is

Completely off-base.

About Black women being insulted

Publicly, or A man defending his

Wife's condition and honor, or A

Comedian being knowingly cruel...

What are they talking about?!


It's easy to put a spin on

Any situation, and oh, how

Humans love to do so...

But the reality of it,

The guy snapped,

And completely and

Totally inappropriately

Resorted to dominance.


Imposing his displeasure

About a comedian's words, he

Turned to physical aggression.

Is there ever a good time

To use this method in order

To resolve your unhappiness?

And that's the issue.  It doesn't

Matter what interpretations


Or reasons he might have had,

He lost it and assaulted someone.

There's no pride to be had in this

Nor any justifications to be found.

The reactions are mind-numbing,

The discussions not or ever on point,

It feels like a lot of people are losing

The plot on social matters & manners.


All excuses are good, apparently.

It's all very worrisome, in my view.

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Written on 2022-03-31 at 18:29

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