Poem by Thomas Tusser (c. 1524 – 3 May 1580) 


Suggested by Alan J Ripley - Thanks!

On Thriftiness


The thrifty that teacheth the thriving to thrive
Teach timely to traverse, the thing that thou ‘trive.,
Transferring thy toiling, to timeliness taught,
This teacheth thee temp'rance, to temper thy thought,
Take Trusty (to trust to) that thinkest to thee,
That trustily thriftiness trowleth to thee,
That temper thy travell, to tarry the tide;
This teacheth thy thriftiness, twenty times tryed,
Take thankfull thy talent, thank thankfully those
That thriftily teach thee thy time to transpose.
Troth twice to thee teached, teach twenty times ten,
This trade thou that takest, take thrift to thee then.



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What a tongue twister! A great read though.

Uncle Meridian The PoetBay support member heart!
Holy mackerel, Batman! That's some alliteration!