My home

I soared up high in the sky
I looked down and let out a sigh
My eyes searched for a home down there
But from up above I couldn't find one anywhere

So I flew down a little
I peered in some of the homes below
I asked a few people if I could stay with them
They said "no" cuz I'm not one of them

Feeling sad I flew away
I met a few friends on the way
They looked happy, so I thought
I'll ask them to help me out

I told them I couldn't find a home anywhere
And people say I don't belong down there
They asked me "do you want a home?"
Then look above you, the sky is your home

Poetry by Shraddha Manvi
Read 601 times
Written on 2006-06-22 at 08:22

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Ah! This sounds like astral projection--very cool!

Zoya Zaidi
This is a surreal write!
What prompted you to write this?
Was is the concept of after-death, or is it the elation of flying high and reaching your goal?

Any way a very good write

Welcome again to the bay!

***hugs, sky-flier***
Love,xxx, Zoya