All around me - all inside of me

when does spring come to my mind
- well, it's a question I cannot really answer
but it´s April and I have
the wind blowing around me
answering everything and nothing

and I don´t have to walk down
a certain number of roads
in order to be a man
´cause happiness is blowing
in the wind

Sometimes - when spring arrives in my mind
it´s in the middle of February
and I see beauty in the landscape
when I run all ahead full
with the answers singing
in the fields and from the hills

now is here and right now
and the wind keeps answering
everything and nothing
singing in the trees

but spring is here to stay
while the wind keeps answering
every little question
that comes into my mind

happiness is all around me
and I feel so much alive

so I keep running
and keep running
and keep running

happiness is all over my mind
she fills up my soul
she's mine and she´s here to stay

she´s all around me
and she´s all inside of me.

Poetry by Sean Ryan Bjerremand
Read 156 times
Written on 2022-05-04 at 17:43

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