I'm a lexdysia dyslexical,

Tinitus type of man. 

Who writes what ever,

Whenever he can.


It's the alphabetical spell check,

That lends me a hand.

So I choose to use it,

Whenever I can.


The one that I use,

isn't perfect you see.

In fact I think,

It's dyslexic like me.


I say something like,

Tre bién my friend.

It comes out as;

Try being my friend.

So if a spell check,

Won't spell check?

Where will it end.


At least a calculator,

Calculates otherwise.

Were would someone like me,

A dyscalculia dyslexic git be.


There were no calculators,

Back in my school days.

My mind it did maths,

In different ways.


I could do calculus,

Within my own head.

Me knowing the answer?

I must have been copying,

At least that's what they said.


No matter how much I tried,

I couldn't put my working out down.

They all agreed I must have lied.


One day in the future,

Something traumatised me.

I no longer had the ability,

It felt like losing a limb.

Losing the ability to do maths,

What a state I was in.


Three months later,

Part of it came back.

Although calculations as before,

Is something I lack.


So if you come across someone,

Who's cool and calculating.

Like no other, That's not me.

That's one of my brother's.

( The live one that is ).





Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 24 times
Written on 2022-05-11 at 00:20

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