The proud arogant bush ignorant of reality

Oh you stupid Bush!

Oh you stupid Bush!!

You stand there in the Garden with your monkey branch like arms on the raised podium in view of all to see.

You make the thick white brick building look intelligent as you sway in the winds of your own pathetic bewilderment

The inarticulate ramblings of your sawdust brain

You are planted as a figurehead in your position to protect the corrupt
capitalist vines that grow in the corporate lavish Vineyards around you

You cannot speak coherently but for the wooden pages that are laid before you prepared by the foxes and the coyotes

You long intrusive crusading roots steal resources from the distant ground of others.

Your diseased fruit falls globally and it poisons other lands as the threat of your imperial seeds spring up around the world.

You suck the juice from the earth for your own growth at the expense of the poor and starving who dwindle malnourished all around you on stoney ground.

The flowers and plants that try to grow in your darkened shade wilt and
wither yet you swear that you are there to protect them

Your Greedy corporate pollen is driven by your powerful winds across the vast earth scattered only where you can suck the minerals from the fertile ground of others

Your sawdust brain cannot see that the weeds growing within your protection use you as a means to grab for their own political gain

The poodle comes to visit you and sniffs around your trunk.

He is deceived by your ill perceived strength and his own obsessive self congratulating smug smile that convincingly fools him to beleive his vein legacy will stand for many a year and outlive his stupid rambling visits round the garden.

Bush, You are a danger to the Garden

You are a threat to peace in our time

The Gardner of democracy will soon prune your greedy branches

The lumberjack of justice will soon come to fall your twisted arrogant trunk

The Disease of excess will strike you and kill you leaf by leaf

The Hurricane of deservedness will smite you uplifting your roots from the ground

Your crusading days of excessive growth are over as you have sucked up all the nutrients from the Earth.

The blood of the innocent is on your hands, culled in the name of the greater good but really for your own .

How did such an ignorant failure of a seed grow so big to fool all the
garden that it was educated enough to know right from wrong?

How did this Selfish Bush ever become a Presidential tree?

Oh lets watch you burn on the bonfire.
your Branches twisting and crackling into charcoal.

Meanwhile the Cinese Ming tree grows silently from behind the bamboo curtain and the bonsai trees slowlysprout in preparation for their dynasty

Its a shame you could not see the bamboo for the trees. You should have seen them coming when you allowed the Gardiner to plant them.

It was you who was so happy to employ the cheap Chinese Gardiner!

Maybe you should have chosen the mexican!

Your own stupid greed has brought about your own destruction!

Oh you stupid Bush!

Poetry by English War Veteran aged 98
Read 465 times
Written on 2006-06-22 at 15:46

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What?? Beating on our Bush now are you??
Whats next then pal , hacking away on the great Blair huh??
Take it away vet my dreams s s s

Tabitha Campbell
Sounds Like Bush himself. Great write

The Charmed One
I REALLY KNOW who you are talking about and I guess I live in the "BUSH" if you know what i mean? But this is all so true.