Roger Rabbit lived by the side of a busy road

Roger was a young vibrant exciting adventurous rabbit.

Roger lived by a very busy road.

one day he decided to cross the road to get to the other side.

When suddenly.....



SPLAT !!!!

In just a fraction of a second Peter rabbit had been tansformed from a handsome Rabbit into the shape of a michelin Primacy pilot tyre tread and his brains had been spread over the tar mac. Tuffs of his once perfect shiny coat were now fluttering across the road and were stuck in between the air intake grills of a Porsche 911. Parts of him were littered everywhere.....

Well it's a good thing Roger rabbit had personal accident insurance as his 300 kids and 14 wives were catered for. And within a few days the birds had eaten his remains and what was left of him had been crushed into the carriage way. Which was kind of good as it would fill that pot hole for a few weeks.

One of his sons, Peter, sadly came to the point where his father had bit the dust to pay his respects when just as he arrived at the spot....




Oh bloody hell! don't rabbits take any notice of anything that happens!

This story is now getting a bit repetitive and boring!

trust a silly rabbit to spoil it all !!!!

Short story by English War Veteran aged 98
Read 1110 times
Written on 2007-06-07 at 15:32

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Well, we try to tell our kids to do what we do...this makes us think again. Well done.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Well , at least Roger , followed , his dads example!!!!!. Kids to day are useley given fiven a bad pres for not following the elders and beters ,!!!!

A very wittty poem , , old lad.

Ken ( D Williams)