The Fight for freedom to enable us to live our lives and not be dictated to by the Hitlerettes ...


BANG BANG BANG went the mighty guns of the oppressors
and down poured the shrapnel of lies and dictation as it spattered all over my tin roof

BANG BANG BANG went the reply of the freedom fighter's guns
as it showered the dictating scum with our explosive reply all across the enemy lines

SQUEAL SQUEAL SQUEAL went the sounds of the fifth columnists
as they sought to undermine our sovereignty fully knowing they had failed

MOAN MOAN MOAN went the mouths of the treacherous enemy within
as their hold on our liberty and our freedoms was snatched from their grasp

CRY CRY CRY went the moans of the bribed and selfish
As they realized it was all over and their selfishness was known all across the land

POP POP POP went the corks of their wine bottles and the kinks of their glasses
as they quickly tried to consume their spoils before they were cut off

SQUEAL SQUEAL SQUEAL went the whine of their hypocrisy
As their stupid nakedness and drunken stupor became exposed to the masses

RED RED RED went their faces displaying their embarrassment
as their incompetence was exposed to us all

DOWN DOWN DOWN fell the curtain of Narcissistic dictatorship
As the clock struck 1 hour before Midnight freeing the slaves

CHEER CHEER CHEER went up from the crowd from the masses
As they realized that the extortionate war had been won.

TEARS TEARS TEARS were all that fell
As the b*rstards knew they had lost and their evil plan was in tatters

BLAH BLAH BLAH went the mouth of the brain dead Verhofstadt
As he spouted his verbal excrement across the chamber of deceit

BLAH BLAH BLAH went his useless gobshite mouth again
As he spread more lies and deceit about Freedom

Then there was silence and suddenly the people woke up with the realization
That they could be free and choose for themselves

There was silence as the masses realized that they had been hoodwinked
And their jealousy knew no bounds as they yearned for the same freedoms

PLOP PLOP PLOP went the voice of the remainers
As their logic fell into the new toilet of certain reality

Then silently silently silently up rose the stench of the lies again
As they secretly tried to stop the mass exodus of the others

BANG BANG BANG went the mighty guns of the enemy
as they fought among themselves for the same rights

COUGH COUGH COUGH went the throats of the remainers
as their stupidity and no vaccine killed themselves all from within

SIGH SIGH SIGH went up the voices of the Brexiteers
as they realized they were saved from the Chinese plague

PLOP PLOP PLOP went the sound of the dictators
as they started all over again with their verbal diarrhea

Then there was silence all across the land here as the guns stopped and the flags waved.

The Moral of the story - Never trust a European when talking about democracy!
the king of Spain, Napoleon, Hitler, Junker Tusk & Verhofstadt all total MORONS!

Poetry by English War Veteran aged 98
Read 319 times
Written on 2021-02-06 at 13:39

Tags Freedom  War  Bexit 

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Like the election of Trump, the vote by the British to leave the EU was a spasm of collective stupidity. People in the UK quickly are finding out what a bad decision they made.