some recent poems

at the vineyard


at the vineyard


rich sat on the patio effusing

on the view   the serenity   


the rows of vines   the stone structures

the golden hills of live oaks   


the soft breeze   the sunset on the distant pacific   

i could almost hear colin's grandfather's thoughts


because i had effused with much the same words   

had heard colin's grandfather's response


almost inaudible   almost to himself   almost with regret

it took a lifetime



safe harbor


my desire for home is relentless

i have no home

only places to sleep


i grew up here and there

no home

the closest i can come


to conjuring an image of home

is the vineyard

i wish that were my home


this place   santa fe   will never be home

i am restless

all the time   unsettled   unmoored


very close to unhinged   but i

know the value of a roof



written from the chair with the yellow gingham fabric


on a cold winter night   nightgowned   

slippered   robed

under quilts   curtain drawn


i remember and write

of places

friendships   loves   losses   


joy   heartbreak   serenity   beaches   

patios   dances   

flying carpets   write   to remember 


or soothe   but write

always writing   

never reaching the end


never finding the words

that will bring the writing to an end






going to shake out my nation sack

shed the thing

of evil   toss those silver coins   


ill wishes and hoodoo


going to fill that red flannel


with rainbows and jujubes

cotton candy

and my little ponies   going to start over   


try on sunshine and grace   

see how they fit   

because i'm weary to the bone


of here and now

and me 



ludwig and i


wittgenstein burned hot

then flamed out   needed a reset   

downtime   went to the flicks   

carmen miranda a fav   

i compare myself to wittgenstein

only in that i need a reset   

have burned my little gray matter

to a crisp trying to find the solution   

knowing there is no solution

never will be a solution   

so now   downtime   a book   a flick   

bath and a moan  

to quote emma thompson 

maybe write   write too many words



thoughts from a bench in the sun


i love the way the parks fill up on sunny days

and the outdoor tables at the cafes   too


it's gay and happy   people are feeling good

and so am i   even the pigeons are smiling


almost everyone is on their phone   a few   like me

have their face to the sun   we're heliotropic


i have to go back to work in ten minutes

that's ten minutes of sun   i wish i could bag it


set it on my desk   parcel it out bit by sunny bit

throughout the afternoon   maybe


i'll buy an orange before i go back   set that on my desk

a miniature sun to keep me warm   


the world looks better in sunshine

i will enjoy it   savor the rays and be glad






Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 107 times
Written on 2022-05-19 at 01:07

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arquious The PoetBay support member heart!
It took a while and may require much more and revisited again like those large acre sized formal gardens. Loved what you've done with the space bar and the dropped capital 'i's, which have also figured in particular poems I have written. Thanks so much for sharing!

Griffonner The PoetBay support member heart!
Wow! A cornucopia of thoughts, times, and attitudes, expressed so interestingly. I especially like 'written from the chair with the yellow gingham fabric' and 'thoughts from a bench in the sun' though I think I realise why these were assembled together as they are. Interesting too, how you refer to 'at the vineyard' within 'safe harbour'. Thank you so much for sharing. Allen