As I woke this morn on a warm springy bed,
On a fluffy cloud I stretched arms and legs.
Before a strange thought entered my head,
So I looked at my tablets this is what it said.

How to catch a Flummox.
First you have to flummox a Flummox,
To catch a Flummox by catching.
A side winding snail. Who often stays hidden,
Underneath not on a crocodilians tail.
If you've got the metal you also need a petal,
That often gets caught on one of it's scales.

Catching a Flummox is as hard,
As catching a grump in a thrump.
If you've been taught very well,
You'll also need a tree dwelling snell.

That lives in a moss covered tree,
On lord luv a ducks land.
First you have to harken to a snarken,
If you're lucky she may lend you a hand.

You may find of course not inclusive,
An eaglets nest from which you'll
need a feather that's quite conclusive.
A  snarken is female a snigger is male.

Never tell a snigger you need a snarken,
If you do he'll run into a rift of a rage.
He'll fight for her in all types of weather,
You'll never win of course unless.
You decide to knock him down,
With an eaglets feather.

Only a quarter through the story,
Decided to go out for brunch.
A female Flummox asked if she could,
Sit at my table as she'd ordered lunch.

As I was transposed to eating alone,
I told her what I'd just read, she asked.
"Have you got to the bit that states,
You can only catch a Flummox;
Whilst it's taking a bath".

With that she started to laugh, 
"Or the bit that says.
A Flummox has to be wearing a mask,
The easiest way to get a Flummox.
She explained is simply just to ask,
Have you read on the last page,
It says: written by a Flummox".

With all those crazy thoughts,
Traveling around my empty head.
I decided it was time to climb
aboard, A fluffy cloud and 
simple go back to bed.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 67 times
Written on 2022-06-11 at 01:52

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