Something's are hard to share .

Inside oneself nobody else can hear the screams.  

My mind tried to make sense of the day.


Slowly waking it's a mistake,

I feel the tenderness;

Of your kiss. Brushing away

puddles of tears,

Then I truly awake.


My dreams they call you forth,

Watching as you suckle.

At your mother's breast,

As you have done before.


Holding you, Caressing tears away,

Slowly watching as you grow.

Breezing through school,

First prom remember to this day.


Then suddenly your grown,

Bad marriage child of your own.

You ask daddy can I come home,

Your with us now no longer alone.


Caressing the tears away,

We cuddle fall asleep.

Holding the tiniest child,

Remembering to this day.


Slowly wakings a mistake,

As I feel your hands caressing.

Kissing the tears away,

My heart, Paper thin breaks.


We hold each other tightly,

As I speak softly tenderly; 

Delicately, lovingly.


Tears between us start to form.

She looks up wantonly, Shamefully,

I'm sorry... it's not easy loosing

our first born.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry she cried, 

Still holding our still born child.

It's nobody's fault darling;

God must have needed,

Someone beautiful by his side.






Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 69 times
Written on 2022-05-30 at 00:33

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