Blairy Vision

Oh you foolish person with Blairy Vision

The Marxist that travelled right of centre

The leftwinger that marvels at the Iron Lady

The protester that now accepts the deterrent

The soap powder poilitician with soap powder policies

The one that said anything to get to where he is

The fiscal robber that denied he would take any more

The thief that stole in stealth

The credit taker who took credit for everything good

The failure that blamed his failings on everyone else

The poodle that went walkies with the President

The individualist that now accepts being a member of the club

The one who will be everyone's friend at any cost

The reformer that reforms for reforming sake

The tough talker that backed down

The politically correct for politically correct's sake

The spender that overspent

The employer that employed but had to let them go

The hypocrite whose whiter than white were blacker than black

The tough enforcer who enforced nothing

The prison Officer that let them all go

The negotiator that negotiated and gave everything away

The peacemaker that released the prisoners to fight again

The invader who invaded to find nothing

The protected one whose tracks are covered by his secret protectors

The painter that whitewashed all his dirty laundry

The man who won't go

The man who is trying to create a legacy

The incompetent fool deceived by his own self congratulating smug smile

The man in number 11 who claims to be in number 10

It's time for a change!

Let's take him to the opticians and swap him for some crystal clear blue glasses!

Poetry by English War Veteran aged 98
Read 1003 times
Written on 2006-06-22 at 23:25

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Go Margaret Thatcher !! Yeah !
So brilliant !! So fucking amazing !!