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NOTE:  2022 05 28  13H05 EST  Ramblings 599 - 

Ramblings 599


- no worries, I'm fine, I didn't... I suppose I'm trying to analyze it... 


Can't say it's very clear to me

Why I'd draw my own blood

To counter off the moments

Of when it was you who drew

It from me all those years ago.


How does creating pain

To myself, 'cause I'm in pain

From terrifying memories

Taking up the space of now,

Help in any fashion at all?


It's really not clear to me

What all of it is about, but

I'm feeling it could maybe

Be a way to gain control

Over which party's going


To be doing the hurting

In this unwanted moment.

To make it physically visible

Which wounds are throbbing,

And being sure it's not you.


Does that make any sense?

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Written on 2022-05-28 at 20:22

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