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NOTE:  2022 06 09  12H47 EST  Ramblings 602 - 

Ramblings 602


I suppose it's some sort of improvement.

Periods of total immobilisation haven't

Happened in quite a long time now.


But moving causes constant pain in one

Way or another, and the more I move,

The more the pain levels will increase.


I rarely stop myself from moving just

Because I'm feeling pain in my body,

But if I push it too far, I'll have to stop,


Whether I like it or not, 'cause incapacity

Becomes complete and out of my hands.

And that's a huge source of stress lately.


How far can I push it before immobilisation?

I need to keep moving or else it'll make

Things worse, I'm told, but still, it's not great.


Who doesn't want to avoid pain?

Kind of hard to reason with myself that

It's for my own good in the long run.


Good doesn't usually feel so sore.

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Written on 2022-06-09 at 18:54

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