Fly, fly, butterfly

One beautiful summer day,
I saw you shining in the sky...
those colors made of grace
just the glory, all beauty in blaze

I had no holding back,
and I reached out for you
wanted you to be near me,
watching you as you flew

you flew around me,
like I was your flower
as soon as you placed yourself upon my shoulder
you knew I had the power

you, the perfectivety and naivety of nature,

I knew you broke easily
but how could I not feel you now?
every passion in me, baby, broke for you
cuz in a moment desire was all I knew...

I tuched your thin wings, so brittle
In that moment I broke it all,
the historie of you, your song, your rittle
You, standing there so helpless and little...

you tryd so hard ,you pushed your way,
no longer could you fly away
I had taken away your star-powder-dust
all the glory broken, for just a womans lust...

the beauty faded as the day grew older,
and dismissed from your mission,
you fell from my shoulder..
down on the ground, no more to be found..

Forgive me, sweetness, I was a child
you were too gorgeius, I was too wild
you thougth I were a charming divine
but maybe I was just evil trapped in time...


Poetry by ChiLLie
Read 909 times
Written on 2006-06-23 at 02:34

Tags Broken  Butterfly  Love 

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nice...good work!
keep it up girl..:)

This is so beautiful, girl!
Sweet strong heart full of emotion
Loves and respects all creation
But human it is, entitled to make
And be forgiven its little mistakes...

Just blew me away...The fragile wings of the butterfly can be like love sometimes...i would rate this 10, but can only go 5, so ill give u that...thanks for shearing this..