Yeah, I know this would happen to me if I ever got a wish... well I wouldn't really think of some of the things on the list seriously, but yeah... all of it would probably cross my mind. The second part would definateley happen though, but for what?

Just one wish

hm... lets see...

I could get money,
I could get girls,
I could get fame,
I could get a yaght,
I could get a mansion,
I could get a pure soul,
I could get the devil's luck,
I could get irrisistable power,
I could get the charm of a vampire,
I could get anything...

but no,

I'll get some bitchin shoes...

with like... magical powers
that make them fly
soft as slippers
color of rye
tough as jerky
yet ratty still


I should have gotten a rat with wings.

Poetry by Andy
Read 988 times
Written on 2006-06-23 at 04:42

Tags Wish  Squander  Mind 

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wow this is beyond amusing.. I wish I had a golden toilet... I probably wouldn't sit on it.. but just grasping hte whole concept of having a golden toilets excites me. haha you're awesome.

Zachary P. B.
This makes me smile. Kind of like Faust, but funnier. I wish wishing worked. Otherwise I'd have some cool shoes too. =)

sometimes what you don't have is what you want to have but be careful coz..
not what you all wants will give you all the might as well jeopardizing be careful...:)