It is not my story, and it is for a lady I know.

The story of, one woman emigrate in UK by Ann Wood

I'm not one of those people who put in a lot of effort ... I didn't give a damn at school either, and I've come a long way, all the way to England ... Here, I'm having a great time and I've collected a fair amount of stories that I can hardly I would have survived if I had been in Bulgaria. And the others around me, to rejoice. Some even had a permanent subscription while I worked for them. In principle, I am not hardworking, but not at all, but my mother did not give birth to me as a servant, neither to be a man nor to be an employer. However, I have learned very well to imitate an activity and I have learned from the best. I should also respond to everyone properly, according to their merits.
I had a boss who, on my last day of work, had decided to take my soul away from work and had come up with some activities that did not suit my function in her house. For example, yes feathers thick, feathery coat, which, in principle, is given for dry cleaning. I said good, you don't have to worry, give me the coat and I took it with the one I wanted, that it's like all my life, all the coats, I've washed ...
And it started ...
First I filled the bathtub in the bathroom, and I put the casing inside, a little detergent, a little fragrance shampoo, not so much that it didn't foam and I let the tap run so that it could be heard that I was doing work ....
20 minutes, a TV series on the phone, sitting on the toilet bowl, and then with two fingers, I take out the casing and squeeze it on a hanger above the bathtub ...
I make a tired and miserable face, the sleeves are rolled up and I call Madame to see the result and I give her instructions that the casing should hang there until it is completely drained because it is not good for the fiber structure to be squeezed by hand.
It should be stress-free for the garment.
The same, beautiful woman had taken out a bunch of dirty sheets the day before, who knows where she hid them before, to wash them, I must be sick. As for me, I assumed that I folded them culturally and stuffed them among the pure ones...
You will say that it is not, honestly .... And is it honestly someone else's work on my back!
Then, by coincidence, there was an acquaintance and she told me that I was quickly followed by four more babysitters, but they were most pleased with me because they always mentioned my name as the most capable and gave me an example.
It doesn't matter how much work you do, it's important to take a business step.
That's how it works for me.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2022-06-17 at 18:06

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