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NOTE:  2022 06 18  11H55 EST  Married Name? - 

Married Name?


- since 1997...


Women in Québec aren't allowed

By law to use their married name

In any official documents, only

Their family name at birth... 


I understand why they decided

To abolish that practice, makes

Sense and keeps records neater,

But it's a bit sad just the same.


Would have liked to be able to use my

Husband's name instead of my own,

Considering mine doesn't hold

Much in terms of love and affection.


Obviously, it isn't a big deal,

But it is a little disappointing.

We are Mr. & Mrs. C.,

But officially, we can't be,


Even though we're married.

Is it the same where you live?

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Written on 2022-06-18 at 17:57

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