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NOTE:  2022 06 19  15H11 EST  Obviously Not Saying My Tastes Are Better or Anything - 

Obviously Not Saying My Tastes Are Better or Anything


Eesh... Cheek (feat. Skandaali) just

came on my 'playlist', well, it's

not really a playlist, it's actually

my complete database of all song files

I finally was able to finalize last night!

Thousands of songs collected over years.


My laptop died last year in January,

And all I had for a long while that

Year was a tablet, way too small to hold

My database of music, so I went

with very little music available to 

me for what felt like an eternity.

But I have it all back now, and finding

a lot of songs I didn't know I even had.


Anyway, that Cheek song I was

on about before, it's some Finnish

rap and I really can't say that it

sounds any better in their language.

It's terrible, the appeal is completely

Lost on me, I'm afraid.  It's not what

I'd call very listenable... so, yeah. 

Eesh... as soon as it started, everything


In me was going "no, you don't

want to listen to that" in a most

instant fashion.  It's funny that,

how music's felt differently by each.

Obviously, a friend out there enjoys

this kind of music since they sent it,

while I, on receiving it, didn't like it,

And I mean, not at all.  It's terrible.

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Written on 2022-06-19 at 21:13

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