Current Mood:  evaluating my role in life, what's most important to me...

Current Music:  "The Answer (slow version)" - Blue October


NOTE:  2022 07 04  10H12 EST  The Happiest Part of Life for Me -

The Happiest Part of Life for Me


One of the things

Which brings me

The most joy,

Inner satisfaction,

And meaning,

Is when I'm able

To help or assist

When it's needed.


Something about

Being there for

Others and being

Able to be useful,

Just does it for me.

Makes me happy,

Makes me smile

When I can make


'Happy' come others'

Way in that manner.

It's good feelings

All around any time

I'm successful at

Making things nicer

For people, so this is

Definitely #1 for me.

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Written on 2022-07-04 at 16:18

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