Just because I write poetry,

Not everything's a poem.

Some are just words,

That l am throwing.


I just pick out words,

That I bandy about 

That to paper often,

Take a different route.


Many unsung unused words,

That sound like a sneeze.

Like schnitzel and snoozle,

Use them if you please.


Often the words pick me,

As plucked from the sky.

Words that come easily,

Without even a try.


Some write them down,

Professing to be poems.

As pulled from a tree,

Words often free flowing.

That never know where,

They may be going.


Words with no end, 

Ones not often spoken,

Need to be shaken

Powerful hurtful when woken 


Some words are cruel,

Born to hurt your world.

If there ever heard apparently,

To me, That's not poetry.

There just mixed up word's.


Poetry by Alan J Ripley
Read 29 times
Written on 2022-07-29 at 09:42

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A charming poem. I love such self-aware poems.

urban duck The PoetBay support member heart!
sometimes, I figure out that I wake up every morning in a ocean of words hoping I will not drown