English language who knew,

Filled with double entendres.

Over the years how they grew,

Double meanings thoughts ensue.

Life's a drag could mean,

Their lives moving too slow.

It could also mean, They like

Dressing in women's clothes.

He likes wearing heels,

Or he acts like a heel.

Let's get back to having a drag,

It doesn't mean it's a slow day.

Unless you say the day seems to drag,

It could mean you like having a fag,

Which in my day meant a cigarette.

He's a fag was hurtful and demeaning:

Going to camp or being camp,

Has two different meanings.

Let's get this quite clear, I was asked

About the double entendres.

I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings,

Going to camp means you're going on holiday.

Being camp means being gay,

Which is one of the double meanings

I was asked about...

That's all I'm willing to say;

Except old English word gay.

Meant you were happy,

As in the gay Highlander.

Whose name was changed I'm sad to say,

By the by which means by the way.

To the Sussex coaster ( a pub in peacehaven ),

I like the name the gay Highlander,

Which used to stand to this day.

To a street named Gladys avenue,

Which still stands a few streets away.


Poetry by Alan J Ripley
Read 42 times
Written on 2022-07-26 at 00:29

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What a charming poem! I'm glad to have read it

I'm filled with memories of the Carry On dynasty, Dick Emery and Bennie Hill (aka Ernie, who drove the fastest milk cart in the west)

D G Moody The PoetBay support member heart!
Well Alan, you old scallywag you've done it again - danced with language to both entertain and provoke thought. As to Gay, I only found out recently it means to some 'Good As You'. My dear departed father in law used to say - watch out for them Gay Gordons, when we went Scottish country dancing.

urban duck The PoetBay support member heart!
thank you
I'll reread this until I get a proper meaning out of it
i made up today that
lock is a funny word
it's means curl but to lock down as well
and in French there is the word to be "une loque"
that means wreck or rag to wash