that one person

You're the One

You're the one I prayed to be mine.
You're the one that I give all my love to.
You're the one that complete my life.
You're the one that I want to be with all my life until death do us part.
You're the one that can lift me back to my feet when I fall down.
You're the only one that can love someone that has been consumed by darkness.
Only your love can brighten up my darkest day.
Without you I would be lost in a pool of darkness, but your love is like a string that pulls me from the pool of darkness.
You're the one that stayed by my side in my time of need, even when things got out of hand you was still there with. You're the one that I want to love forever.

Poetry by The Charmed One
Read 414 times
Written on 2006-06-23 at 21:12

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Love Knight
You are not the only one that has found " The one". I know how you feel when you can only dream about one girl, need one girl, and be satisfied only by one girl. Keep writing.