Questions That No One Can Anwser

Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why

Tell me why? We as a race fight against one another when instead we should be helping each other when we fall down.
Tell me why? We are free from slavery but in our minds we are still slaves in balls and chains.
Tell me why? We do things that we know we shouldn't but we do it anyways. Tell me why? We have to do crime to make it in life.
Tell me why? Do we a let our young kids run the streets at night not caring if they okay and alright.
Tell me why? Can't we come together and talk about our problems instead of being in the streets fighting and killing each other.
Tell me why? We can't walk around with our heads held up high.
Tell me why? We let our rap music effect our lives and we have to do everything that they say.
Tell me why? We can't think for ourselves we always need someone to tell us what to do and when to do it.
Tell me why? We can't be as God made us. Strong and able to overcome everything that stands in our way.
Tell me why? We have to join gangs and kill each other to get respect from others, and at the same time we are losing respect of everyone else around us.
Tell me why? Much we walk down the street with our pants below our waist, to show that we so hood. Why do we have to beg about guns and cars?
Tell me why? We have to go around mistreating women acted like they are under our feet.
Tell me why? Our family member can never see us happy.
Tell me why? When things are going good for us they have to try to so hard to bring us down.
Tell me why? Teenage kids are running streets and end up being a teenage mother.
Tell me why? Must young girls try so hard to love and would do anything for it. Tell me why? Do every young girl thank when a guy say they will marry them they for joy.
Tell me why? Black mother have they little wearing apple bottom and weave in their hair.
Tell me why? Guys act like we are jerks to girls that really care about us

Tell Me Why?

Poetry by The Charmed One
Read 824 times
Written on 2008-05-31 at 02:10

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