To BE Unbreakable



I'm a free spirit.
I'm something that can't be caged.
My will is too strong to let ya'll haters keep me down.
I know what haters talk about me ,
But I still walk around with my head held high.
I learned that no matter what I do,
haters will continue to talk about me.
I'm not going to let ya'll have ya'll way,
Because ya'll would be locking me up in chains.
I used to walk with my head down.
I never felt like I was wanted,
But I realize that if ya'll talked about me.
I have something that ya'll envy about me.
I still don't know why haters look at
Like they're going to do something to me.
Everywhere I go trouble seems to follow me.
I asked ya'll haters to let me live my life
But ya'll just continue to push and pull me.
To see how long would it take for me to break down
And kneel to ya'll.
I have something to tell ya'll
I will never break and kneel down
to ya'll haters.

I'm Free Bird and My Soul Is Unbreakable

Poetry by The Charmed One
Read 873 times
Written on 2007-01-01 at 07:33

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betsy Firefly
Careful in calling others 'haters'. You may feel like they hate you, but you don't want to be one yourself! Throw out your words of care and love. Show them, don't tell them!