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Being There Again


« Elle a trouvé toutes les façons pour se cacher

Maintenant dans une foule elle est toujours dissimulée

Mais elle n'a jamais cherché d'façons pour oublier

Elle r'garde le monde autour desfois pour se rappeler  »

 excerpt of "Délinquance" by Vilain Pingouin



- it's been so long ago since I've passed by or set foot on those streets... my new place of employment is right in the heart of it... those words by VP are ever more true now...



It's a bit of the song

That describes it perfectly.

And being in the place again

Brings me back to those days.


It's been so long

Since the last time

I set foot here...

But it's all still there.


And I manage to

Feel a certain sense

Of nostalgia I can't

Explain too well.


Parts of me sorely miss it,

But that makes no sense...

Still, there's something

About it that's been a loss.                              (when I left)


A certain freedom, perhaps?

Amidst all of the detrimental.

Something about it was still a lot

Simpler than being "in the margins".


It probably comes off as

The ramblings of a fool,

But being back here, surprisingly

Manages to stir a lot inside...


Good and bad all at once,

Yet from a detachment of sorts,

Yet still very much connected,

Even though it's all been long over.


Where I started from

And where I am now...

Being here again

Pulls a sharp contrast.

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Written on 2022-09-29 at 02:20

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