Little Girl's Prayer

daddy left a while ago,
i really need him now,
the world is such an evil place,
i must get by somehow.

now brother is autistic,
and mommy is depressed,
i don't know what that means,
but i'm tired and need to rest.

it's very near my birthday,
but you are nowhere to be seen,
you really need to be here,
but your new wife is mean.

so maybe it was my fault,
that daddy had to go,
and maybe i should run away,
so daddy can come home.

but please tell him i love him,
and that we had lots of fun,
and i'll see him up in heaven,
because he's my number one.

Poetry by laura
Read 921 times
Written on 2006-06-25 at 11:31

Tags Divorce  Child  Depression 

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this is one of-no the saddest poem ive ever read (((((ultra hugs!)))))

Confused and hurt, longing for love
A hug, a kiss, a soothing word - thats enough
Silent tears finding their way out of your eyes
At funereal court-houses as you say goodbyes...

It must have cost you so much heart to write this poem. Please take care.

this is really an awesome poem, it must be based on personal experience because no one could describe divorce so well as you if they had not been through it themselves so you have my utmost sympathy and care

Zoya Zaidi
Dear Laura,
A very nicely written poem
From the perspective of a little girl,
Yes, a lot of children blame themselves
For something which not their fault at all.
We talk from the point of view of the women,
But we don't think of the little girl at all.
Yes, it is a grievous problem,
The one to suffer is the child most of all,
Caught between the two lives of mother and Father,
Is the innocent child most of all.
But rest assures it is not the child's fault at all.
But sadly, it is the child who gets affected most of all!!!
Thanks for bringing problem to fore...
May God bless you, my dear child!!!!

**Hugs if that helps to ease pain at all? **
Love, and a lot of concern!
XXX, Zoya

Kathy Lockhart
Oh Laura, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! with that said, this is an excellent poem. The rhythm and rhyme was perfect. Your expressions of your emotions was vivid. By heart breaks for you and my prayers are for the healing of your heart and the heart of your family. May God hold you all in his loving, healing hands. xxx kathy

this is soo depressing, i never realised divorce could hurt so much and destroy such beautiful things, thanks to this i will be much more aware of my friends who have divorced parents

Hi Laura!
It is a beautiful rhyme you wrote! Yu have expressed your feelings in a nice, clear and rhythmic way.
I was pretty much in your situation when I was your age, and I remember very well how it felt. Laura, remember that nothing of this is your fault! You are worthy all love, affection and encouragement!!!
(((((Big hug 2 u!)))))

this isnt really my kinda poem but there were quite a few comments so i thought id read it and boy did it grab me, this really is excellenté!

thanks for your comments and for reading

this is bloody amazing

its not letting me rate! dang but i was gonna rate 5 cos it is awesome

wow, you are really talented, this IS an awesome poem and you deserve an award, i wish i wrote it lol

iva bona
this is the best poem i have EVER read or heard, its soo sad i nearly cried, and it actually rhymed properly and made sense, you even got the rhythym right which no one seems to be able to do, this has to be my favourtie poem ever, xxx