Forever Wandering

Forever Wandering
a little girl wanders with a twisted mind,
afraid to love and care,
unwanted by her family,
for her, no one's ever there.

she wanders through the lonely night,
and through the grey-clouded day,
so saddened by her loneliness,
nowhere she can ever stay.

her tiny heart was broken,
when she was just a child,
and now her soul is empty,
even unable to smile.

then 11 came at last,
it seemed life had turned around,
for 11 brought a friend, a boy,
and at once her heart was found,

but love was only popping by,
it wasn't there to stay,
but soon shot off as quick as light,
and took the girl's heart away.

the boy had found another girl,
who strangely shared the same name,
and dropped the girl like a piece of trash,
herself, she started to blame.

"i guess i am unwanted,
i am the unloved child,
i'll be forever wandering,
and never wear a smile,
and i guess that belonging is,
just something i can't do,
i guess i'll just give up and save me,
from feeling so blue"

but all this time there was another,
a guy who really cared,
but the girl found out a while too late,
her heart fell into despair.

her mind had given it alot of thought,
she realised this guy she did love,
but these feelings were no longer mutual,
as depression gripped her from above.

"i cannot go on any more,
i've had enough of life"
so she pulled the shotgun to her head,
pulled the trigger, a result of this strife.

Poetry by laura
Read 948 times
Written on 2006-07-05 at 12:00

Tags Despair  Depression  Love 

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this was so sad i nearly cried, rock on!

Kathy Lockhart
this is a very emotional, very well written poem with good flow and rhyme. The stucture is great. Just hope it is a story. Nothing you would contemplate. You are a very talented girl with a great future ahead of you. I will read your book of poetry and then your novels. So don't give up writing! :) kathy

This was beautiful!
You expressed your pain so well..
I loved it :)
Keep writing, I'll keep reading <3
- Kittipuusen ^^,