Tales Of A Marshmallow Cloud

as we laid on hills of green,
staring at the sky,
counting endless whisps of white,
wishing we could fly.

"clouds are just like marshmallows,"
my father said to me,
soft and really squishy,
but not that you can see.

we stayed for a few more hours,
till at last i had found,
a marshmallow cloud of my very own,
which did make me feel proud.

my marshmallow cloud moved slowly,
as i watched it from below,
and wished that i could touch it,
to me it looked more like snow.

my eyes followed my marshmallow closely,
till my marshmallow was now out of sight,
and the sky seemed so bare and so lonely,
till the stars and moon flooded it with light.

Poetry by laura
Read 766 times
Written on 2006-07-09 at 21:53

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this is one of my alltime favaourites! :))

this is one of my alltime favaourites! :))

i used to cloud watch, you are amazing at describing the feeling of almost being lost in a hypnotic dream,
keep writing

absolutely marvellous ;)

this is a must read, it is rhythmic, simple and sweet, amen! :)