If I told you...?

If I was given one more chance,
what could I really say?
Would it matter anyway?

If I told you I love the way you smile,
would it make you mine?

If I told you that I love to wake up beside you on the morning,
would it make you stay?

If I told you that I can't take my eyes of you,
would it make you come back?

If I told you that I love you,
would you stay around to hear me say it once more?

If I told you anything,
would you see at me again?
Would you love me once more?

If I told you,
would you listen to me?

Words by Miss unknown
Read 911 times
Written on 2005-08-19 at 23:32

Tags Hope 

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Yes,I think all of us have felt this way sometime in our lives!If he really loves you, he'll come back, if not, he wasn't worth it!!Very good poem indeed, nicely done!

mmmm i've had this....and no matter what i told him, it didn't change anything

wow...this really reflects how i felt not too long ago :)