We weren't supposed to die this way,
Swallowed up by our mother earth.
Before the morning itself did break,
We felt the earth itself begin to shake.

There were no tell tale tremors as before,
We pray to our god he doesn't listen anymore.
It was more than anyone on earth could take,
No one left to hear the rest of the worlds heartache.

What have we done wrong for a god to forsake,
To abandon his children in the Syria Turkey earthquake.
With deployed our weapons bombs and destruction,
We love to live with our man-made war's. Maybe,
The earth that loves us couldn't take it anymore.

Over 40000 thousand have died in that earthquake,
Building buildings that could crumble in a quake.
Was surly one incomprehensible huge mistake,
I myself truly believe who did this was on the take.

Or maybe as I've said and thought many times before,
Here on earth we should instead of the coldest war.
Stop and help our fellow man to rebuild where we can,
For this should be a wake up call for the son of man.
With disasters like this surly this cannot be:
God's green and pleasant land.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 81 times
Written on 2023-02-23 at 05:16

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Wars are sad, Alan. So much destruction, death, and uprooting.
Good poem. Well done.