Broken Soul

your eyes shoot back in anger,
your face is growing red,
it's obvious you're angry,
after all i've said.

i'm sorry i was chosen,
i'm sorry that's a lie,
it wasn't my fault, i didn't choose,
but you got left behind.

you say that you are over it,
we know it burns your soul,
we know it's why you cry at night,
in your heart has burnt a hole.

but you came back with a vengeance,
an insane plot to spite,
all those who turned against you,
left your heart as black as night.

now i am truly over it,
i swear it's not a lie,
but this only makes you angrier,
and makes me want to cry.

you made a plan in the dead of night,
you new you'd had enough,
so got rid of all your painful thoughts,
and acted like you were tough.

you took a gun, ran out the house,
came walking down my road,
quietly crept through my bedroom window,
pulled the trigger to explode.

now i am in a better place,
but you have gone to hell,
to burn for all eternity,
for your tormented soul to dwell.

Poetry by laura
Read 727 times
Written on 2006-06-26 at 21:11

Tags Hell  Hatred 

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this must suck, im sorry you ahvent had it easy, but you have my permission to slap this girl back a centur or two :) lol

this was really good (y)

Love Knight
It really show passion and anger. really great poet. Great Job. thanks for sharing