Jesus will remove curses as He loves and nurses as peace He only disburses to the entire Universe.

Jesus and Christmas Make the World Prosperous

Jesus offers full protection

Toward all He has affection

So Divine is His loving action

Nicely is greased every friction

Jesus gives all satisfaction

He happily unites ever faction

He heals and cures every infection

His attention removes tension

He brings a permanent prevention

Checking evils via intervention

Jesus will safeguard

He is our Angelic Lord

To love He gives a nod

He wise-uses Justice-rod

He keeps away from sword

His heart is so broad

He loves the entire sod

He finds hating very hard

Hatred is to Him very odd

All evils, His powers retard

Jesus will never at all hate

But only happily compensate

He will never come late

He knows not to retaliate

He knows only to rehabilitate

He will take to task fate

He only is for ever really great

He will change favorably our state

Solutions for us, He will create

From Him, hope will radiate

Jesus is a true friend

Escorting even after end

His love He will ever lend

For us He will kindly bend

All our defects, He will mend

For us bliss he will surely send

Our lives, He will ever defend

For us, time, He will spend

Upon Him we can ever depend

To our problems, He will attend

Jesus alone controls paradise

Jesus loves those who sacrifice

Jesus helps one who tries

Jesus will stop soul's cries

To protect, Jesus charges no price

Ever He will offer a pleasant surprise

If one possesses colossal enterprise,

Jesus also manages life after demise

Jesus ever favors a wise compromise

Jesus is here, so nothing can demoralize

Using love Jesus leads

A believer in Jesus succeeds

In giving boons, Jesus exceeds

To help all Jesus top-speeds

Jesus removes all the weeds

And for us to God He pleads

To rescue us all He bleeds

He fulfills all our needs

All our minds, Jesus reads

On the right path, He proceeds

All your worries to Jesus please tell

For peace of mind, this is vital

Before Jesus nothing can be fatal

Help of Lord Jesus will be total

His heart is softer than petal

Jesus is ever kind, never brutal

Jesus heads Angels' holy cartel

Role of Jesus is really pivotal

An atheist is wrongly sentimental

Lord Jesus alone is ever immortal

Loving all is God's policy

Son of God is full of mercy

Jesus knows not what is jealousy

He will bless all without being lazy

To rescue all of us, Jesus is busy

Because of Jesus, mood is not lousy

Jesus lives in an act of courtesy

Jesus alone helps in an emergency

He rescues us with a feeling of urgency

Jesus alone happily sanctions us clemency

If Jesus is by us kindly sought

In His love, we all will be caught

Heavenly bliss will be taught

Devils will in Hell sadly rot

A place in Heaven can be got

Even sun will not be felt hot

Our sadness will be naught

So to Jesus please pray a lot

All our needs, Jesus will spot

For us bliss is by Jesus bought

Jesus will strengthen our will

He will make agonies nil

In protecting us, He gets thrill

All our requirements, He will fill

Anything negative, He will kill

He will stop us from falling ill

His sacred name itself is a pill

He will drive away peril

Into mind, bliss, He will instill

Love is generated by His Mill.


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 109 times
Written on 2023-04-27 at 18:05

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