well here is part 9:D

The Walk of The Tarmac Path, Part IX: Obstacle of Fading Hope

Trust has been restored,

And now you have a little hope,

That it is gonna be easier now,

The second you think that,

You start feeling dizzy,

You fall to the ground,

Eyes closing,

A dream appears,

Again you meet yourself,

Yet another time you talk to yourself:

" You thought this was it?
Long way to go,
Your losing hope,
Do that and the path will end,
But not the way you want it,
Giving up hope means surrendering,
It means the end,
A path you wish not to walk,
Still you fight, still you stand,
Why give up now? Why?
You can still fight, show it, show it!!
Don't give up on yourself man!"

Eyes opening,

You sigh deeply,

Crushed by the fact there is no peace for you,

Walking this path feels like a waste,

But giving up is not acceptable,

You are not gonna be an ego and give up,

Think of the people around you,

Think about yourself,

Realize that the fights are worth it,

And keep on walking this path..

Poetry by Alexander
Read 890 times
Written on 2006-06-27 at 19:37

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alex this is truely great keep this series going!!!! and dont forget that i am always here for you and that i love you!!!!

this is good man, realy great, you are my inspiration, and this is a proof of why.