The final battle between good and bad


Armageddon is happening right now. Why I say that Armageddon is happening right now, just think about the war between nations. That's leaving nations in a world of destruction.

Armageddon is final battle between good and evil. The Forces of God has put on their armor and shield to take on the Forces of Hell. These armies have their great's warriors as their commanders. This battle will be the great's war in the time of man.

Armageddon will determine earth's fait. If the Forces of God win this battle the earth will be cover with light. That will keep the darkness at bay. If Hell Forces win this battle the earth will be cover in darkness all demons will walk the earth looking for souls to devour.

Armageddon will happen. As along as we continue fighting God's children we are not foes we are alliance in this war, but we need to focus the true foe is. That foe is the lord of hell the Devil.

What side will you fight on?

Poetry by The Charmed One
Read 758 times
Written on 2006-06-28 at 01:00

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Love Knight
I fight for the Almighty One, God. I am His knight, I am his messenger to win souls back over to Him. I fight for good, the evil can doom in the wrath of darkness.

Kathy Lockhart
This is an insteresting view that is held by many. I already know who wins the battle because of Christ's Resurrection, Good does. I choose to live in His camp. I am on the winning side. :) kathy