My impressions of the holiday in Thailand by Ann Wood

My impressions of the holiday in Thailand according to Anne Wood
Thailand is a divine country, with a very rich history and architecture. The few places we visited spoke volumes about the country's history. Poor and rich live on both sides of the street. All night there is traffic on the streets as well as a night market. The streets are lined with stalls and food carts. At night, the entire city is lit up in colorful lights and advertisements. The hotels are 20, 30 or even 40 stories high, and from the window you can see the city as if in the palm of your hand. There are two types of taxis, rickshaws, which in Thailand are called tuk-tuks and normal taxis, water buses, these are boats that travel from one end of a canal to the other and back. We visited the royal palace and theater, the six major Buddhist temples, also the safari park and various markets around Bangkok. We tried different food from local and other Asian countries like China, Japan, India, Singapore and Philippines. The country has an abundance of exotic fruits and vegetables. Our hotel was 35 stories high, on the eighth floor there was a large swimming pool with a gym and garden and spa and pool bar. There was also a tennis table as well as a sitting area. On the upper floors there are luxurious rooms for rest and play, as well as halls for parties and dances, on the third floor there were fabric shops where they offered tailoring services, of various designers. On the fourth floor there was a huge restaurant with several different bars where they prepared different types of Asian food. Every morning there was an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly squeezed juices, different types of teas and coffee. Each room had a kettle for hot water, a mini fridge, mineral water and tea, coffee if you want to refresh yourself with a cold or hot drink during the day. The bathroom was divided into four sections, a bathtub with a movable shower, a cupboard with two sinks and a huge mirror, on the other side a shower cabin and next to it a toilet, in the hall of the room there is a built-in wardrobe with an ironing board, an iron, a safe and next to it a tall chest of drawers with a mirror, and several drawers and a cupboard, and the room itself has one huge king-size bed and one small, glass desk with one office chair and a small couch that one person can comfortably sleep on, and a huge television, a small round table, and two bedside tables; there was a large lamp by the window. And the view from the window was wonderful, especially at night. I fell in love with the country at first sight, I didn't want to leave. Bangkok airport is huge and very beautiful, there were people from all over the world, and everyone was rushing to catch their flight. And the planes of EVA AIR are so big and comfortable and the crews are polite and always ready to help you, during the whole flight they offer you drinks and they served three meals, both ways it is home cooked food like a five star restaurant. And this is in the tourist class, not in the business class, they must have been offered a 15-course menu there. If you get the chance to visit Thailand, visit it, you won't regret it. I would go again one day.

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Written on 2023-07-15 at 18:59

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